Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yay! My first Blog.

So, this is my first blog and i dont have much to say. im pretty excited about this blogging thing and i hope i can make this work out! so i guess i will just post about some updates in my life: im moving into my first apartment next monday, august 10th and im soooooo excited. School will be starting up aug 25th and i'm moving to the second ward for church. So everything is going to be new and scary! it will be great!


  1. Glad you have a blog, I added it to mine so we will check often!!

  2. Hey! Welcome to the great world of blogging! I added you to my blog roll. You'll love 2nd ward...even though they're aren't 1st ward! Ha Ha!! You'll meet some wonderful people. I'll be sure to KIT!!